Update Your Bookmarks…..This Blog Is Closed

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because the blog is moving!  Things are a moving and a shaking around here and everything is getting moved and updated and it’ll all have a fresh, fun, new look.  So update your bookmarks and come visit me at my new blog home powered by squarespace:

LCP Blog

This page will no longer be updated.  But here’s a new picture of me and my camera love just for good measure.


New Stuff!

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I am back from Texas!  We had a great time enjoying the sun, lots of great shopping and even more yummy food.  Riley is having a hard time adjusting back to the time difference here which is giving me a lot of quite time at night to work on new designs for some exciting things that are coming up really soon.  So keep checking in for some big annoucements!

I am also looking for bellies for maternity sessions.  If you know anyone in the area who is expecting please send them my way for a complimentary session.

Here is fun picture from my trip!  Silly boy!



Texas and New Stuff!

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I have been super busy this last week.  After getting my computer back up and getting caught up on proof editing this week has just flown by.  I have also been spending some time researching and putting together some plans for some great new stuff coming up later on this year. 

So off to Texas we go!  I will return phone calls and email when we get back.


Back Online Again

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I have been a huge Dell supporter for years.  Every computer I have purchased has been a Dell.  I used to work for Dell, my sister currently works for Dell.  This is the first time ever that I can say that I am disappointed in the service that I have received.  I really dislike that companies are outsourcing to other countries such as India and Dell is no exception.  Dealing with tech support in India was like talking to my father about what was wrong with my computer.  In the end they are sending me the part I need but their way about troubleshooting my system was far below my expectations.  Ultimately I ended up diagnosing the problem myself and fixed it along with the help of my husband.  So what is wrong?  My network card is bad.  That simple.  Tech support had me completely erase my hard drive for a bad network card.  So we bought a wireless card so I can connect to the internet until my new motherboard arrives (my network card is integrated).  Now I am behind and still trying to reinstall all of my programs.

Miss “N” I will be back to working on your pictures this week and I promise to have them uploaded to the site before I go to the states next week.  (I also lost your email address in the process of “The India Experience” so if you would shoot me an email and I can let you know when I am done.)

All of my computer issues have taken the spotlight away from the new love of my life.  My brand new 40D!  This camera is, well, indescribable.  I love it so much that I think I am going to name it.  LOL!  Anyone have any suggestions?

Computer’s With Attitude

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I am having problems with my computer and I have been working with tech support the last couple of days trying to resolve the issues.  Unfortunately nothing we have done has worked and I still have no internet access from my computer.  We are now resorting to replacing the motherboard and the hard drive which Dell is shipping to me.  It will be at least a week before the parts come in and then I will be in Texas.  So it looks like I will be unable to post any new pictures until the first week of June at the earliest.

Sorry about the challenge Sasha.  We’ll have to either pick back up or start another one once I get my computer up and running again.


•May 13, 2008 • 2 Comments

This is my day planner that I use to plan out all 7 days of the week.  I can’t wait to get back to the states so I can get a smartphone and can get rid of the book. 


•May 12, 2008 • 1 Comment

Here’s to my first 6 dollar sale.