Day 3

Today was just another day of the same ol’ stuff.  Riley was supposed to go and have lunch with Daddy today.  Unfortunately she didn’t agree that she needed a morning nap so she took a nap through lunch instead.  So we just stayed in which was okay with me since it hasn’t been above freezing in a few days now.  At lunch time there was still ice on the cars.

These were Riley’s choices for lunch today.  She choose green beans.  I bet she can’t wait to try some fruit.


These are some magnets that I got from Old Navy.  They are on our refridgerator and I just love them.


 Is there ever enough time in the day?


For a baby that doesn’t know how to crawl yet this little girl sure can get around.  Don’t ask me how she ended up under the table but she had a good time being there.



~ by Laura on December 19, 2007.

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