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Sorry all.  I got a little behind with Mother’s Day and all.  My husband was wonderful and I got to do absolutely nothing all day Sunday.  Then yesterday I spent the whole day cleaning the house LOL!  So let’s get caught up.

Here’s my favorite 5 year old showing you his 5 fingers.


Miss “N” Goes to the Prom

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I am sure that you will remember Miss “N” from her senior session that I did a few weeks back. I was so excited when she asked me to meet with her and her friends for a session before prom. It’s so much fun to be able to share in such an exciting time in her, and her friends, lives. I hope that I get to do another session with her before she is college bound.

I hope that you enjoy your sneak peek. Thanks for being such a trooper and battling the wind, sun, shadows and water shooting out of your head. LOL!

This one is just for mom. I hope you have a wonderful and relaxing Mother’s Day!


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Today is brought to you by the number 4.

Grady is oh so proudly displaying his collection of kids meal ‘goofy glasses’ that he has.  Now he has 4 eyes.


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Today is brought to you by the number 3.

Today my wonderful husband came home with flowers.  They are my flowers for Mother’s Day.  Getting them early was sure a surprise.  So for today we have 3 yellow mums and 3 peach roses.


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Today (this time it’s really today) is brought to you by the number 2.

Last summer when we moved to Mannheim the cities summer theme was the Parade of Cows.  There were cows set up throughout the city.  This summer it’s these huge drawings hanging from sides of the buildings all through the downtown area.  I love that they do a different thing every summer.  It’s so much fun.  So today here’s to the two parents holding hands.


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Today is (okay well technically yesterday was) brought to you by the number 1.

This weekend Riley celebrated her first birthday.  She’s a big girl one year old now and there’s no stopping her.

Numbers Challenge

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Okay folks, it’s time for a new challenge.  This time it’s a numbers challenge.  Day one will start with the number 1.  1 picture of 1 thing.  Day two will be the number 2 with one picture of 2 things.  Get the drift?  My friend and a fellow photographer Sasha is joining me in this challenge so feel free to check out her blog as well.

Now let the fun begin!