Mannheim Wasserturm

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Sunday morning I woke up bright and early and went downtown to the Wasserturm to get some more shots of the tower with my new lens. It was a perfect morning. It was cool enough for jeans and hoodie and my flip flops but not to cold. Being a Sunday morning there were very few people about and the city was so quiet and clean. It was a great time to just enjoy the city and being in Europe. It really gave me a refreshing view of the opportunity that we have living here. I really needed to be refreshed after the long dreary winter. I hope that you enjoy these new photos. There are a few more in the Mannheim folder on my website.

The wassertrum (water tower) was built in some time around 1889. It stands 197 feet tall and is 62 feet in width. The tower was built to help the city increase it’s available water supply. The tower holds close to one million gallons of water.


Goofy Grady

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Today I took my step-son out for a little mini-shoot for a project for his mom for a Mother’s Day gift.  5 year old little boys are the best and worst to shoot all at the same time.  They are so much fun and I got tons of goofy boy shots that had me cracking up.  At the same time he has a short attention span and got tired of taking pictures really quick.  Not to mention that I had promised him bowling and pizza for being a good sport and he was very focused on that end result.  Of course I had to throw in a couple of shots of the husband and our daughter (the must have fussy baby picture).

Miss “N”

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Miss “N” is a local high school senior that I had the pleasure of spending the day with yesterday.  She is a remarkable young lady and I had such an amazing time taking her senior portraits.  She was most definitely not scared of trying some new things and we got some amazing shots.  She had people watching her ever where we went and a couple of people even snuck in some pictures of us while we were shooting.  She also introduced me to Gino’s where I ate my first Gyro, yum-o.

It was hard to pick just a few for your sneak peek “N”.  I hope that you enjoy them.  I will will have the rest ready for you in a few days.

Riley and Marcus Turn 1

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Riley and her friend Marcus are about to have their big 1st Birthday.  To celebrate we got the kids together to let them share in their first birthday cakes.  I just love these hats (idea borrowed from my wonderful fellow photographer Sasha).  There are so many great pictures of these two it was hard to choose just a few to share.  Fear not though, as soon as I am done with the editing you be able to see them all on the website.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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This weekend a few friends and I took a trip to Amsterdam and to Keukenhof Gardens.  Here are just a few of my favorite pictures from the weekend.

The house on the left with the blue doors and flag pole is the Anne Frank house.

Here is the infamous Red Light District.

Happy Birthday Grady!

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Happy Birthday to you!  We hope that you have a wonderful day!


Following Elvis; Bad Nauheim, Germany

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Today I went and ventured in the footsteps of the king; Elvis Presley.  As everyone should know Elvis was drafted into the Army and spent 2 years in Germany.  He was stationed in Friedberg (which is now closed) and lived a few minutes away in the town of Bad Nauheim.  They are very proud to be a part of the Elvis legacy.

I hope you has a much fun looking at these photos as I did touring around Bad Nauheim finding these locations.

 These first set of pictures are of the Villa Grunewald.  Elvis lived in the top floor of this hotel for a time.  The signs are posted around the hotel as well as a memorial along the corner where people still pay tribute to the king. 





Elvis moved from the hotel and rented this house for the majority of his time in Germany.


There are also a couple of locations around town where Elvis had shot photos.  One was a publicity photo that was then used on a cover for a lyric book and also an ablum cover for A Big Hunk of Love.




This was just an extra shot because I thought it was a pretty view of the water from the bridge.